Belle Biolane Sensitive Bye Bye Set (Hong Kong License)

Belle Biolane Sensitive Bye Bye Set (Hong Kong License)

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BB's skin is tender and prone to dry marks and sensitive problems. If it is not handled carefully, it will easily become eczema or sensitive skin when it grows up. As long as you do moisturizing and sensitive care as soon as possible, and choose fragrance-free anti-allergic skin care products, your BB sensitivity will be relieved and improved.

set includes

French Belle - 2 in 1 Anti-allergic Shower/Shampoo Gel (350ml)
Belle - Anti-Sensitivity Moisturizing Balm (Face and Body) (150ml)


2-in-1 Anti-allergic Shower/Shampoo Gel <br>Put one to two pumps into the tub water, stir well, then shampoo and bathe BB without water.
*It is recommended to use it with anti-allergic moisturizing cream and anti-allergic body powder after bathing, which can more effectively strengthen the BB skin barrier

Anti-allergic moisturizing cream (face and whole body)
Rub it evenly in the palm of your hand to warm the moisturizing cream, then apply it thinly and evenly on BB's face and body, and massage gently to make the moisturizing cream easier to absorb and make BB feel comfortable and relaxed.
*Suitable for daily use, such as BB dry skin can also be reapplied. Use within 5 minutes after bathing and cleansing for maximum moisturizing effect

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