In Stock-Axenic KF94 Mask Made in Korea (50pcs per box)

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🇰🇷Korean AXENIC three-layer KF94 adult mask 🤩1 box of 50 pieces, individually wrapped 🤍white💲: $99/box

🌟 US FDA certificate 🌟 KFDA safety certification 🌟 Korean Food and Drug Administration certification KF94 level 🌟 Protective filtration, anti-droplet, bacteria, splash splash 🌟 Block fine dust and fine suspended matter 🌟 Anti-bacteria, anti-pollen, anti-spray patent grade Mask 🌟 Comfortable wrap-around design, expand breathing space, greatly improve air permeability 🌟 Highly stretchable ear loops give excellent fit 🌟 Protect the respiratory system from pollutants and infectious substances 🌟 Long-term use, the ears will not feel uncomfortable 🌟 Three-dimensional Lock the mask so that the glasses are not easy to fog. Individually packaged, safe and hygienic Size: 206*160mm

The words for external medical use (의약외품) are also printed on the package,
It is specially approved by the Korean government for use by medical professionals.