Wesafe Tiffany Blue Korean 4-ply mask 25pcs/box

Wesafe Tiffany Blue Korean 4-ply mask 25pcs/box

  • $33.00
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C7172 📣📣 The color is so pretty!! Three sizes, the whole family can wear it!! 💓😍

Super new color ☀️
Pantone #1837 Tiffany color fresh and bright debut
(A box of 25, individually wrapped)

Offer 3 boxes X $ 33 ($ 39 / box)

📌 Please specify on the order: A. Adult/ B. Child/ C. Toddler

Hong Kong brand WeSafe
⭐Korean four-layer three-dimensional model⭐Super comfortable😍
This time, there are three sizes, adults and children can enjoy comfortable three-dimensional masks like children 💕

A must-buy for a lady. Delicate and beautiful color matching. Four layers of high-efficiency filter with a burst of energy 💪🏼Provide higher protection rate. Tri-fold design fits the face ✅Smooth breathing. Super elastic ear hooks can be worn all day long. Metal nose bridge strap 👃🏼Fit contour and face adjustment

Thoughtful independent packaging👜
Hong Kong brand supervision, special edition and color, Wesafe Logo, strict quality control

A. adult

b. children

C. young children
Size will be +- 1 cm

🛡️Four layers of powerful medical defense🛡️
4️⃣4 layers of filtration effectively block bacteria🦠🉐Filtration rate test standard

🏭Perfect plant quality assurance🏭
🈶ISO 14644-1:2015 Cleanroom
High standard clean room manufacturing

Date of use: until April 2025