French Belle Biolane Baby Cleansing Set - Extended Size (Hong Kong License)

French Belle Biolane Baby Cleansing Set - Extended Size (Hong Kong License)

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set includes
French Belle - 2 in 1 Shower/Shampoo Gel (350ml)
Belle - Anti-allergic Replacement Skin Balm (100ml)
Belle - Anti-Sensitivity Moisturizing Balm (Face and Body) (250ml)

The skin of a newborn baby is very fragile. Give the baby the greatest care during the initial growth stage, cultivate the healthy development of young skin, and lay a good foundation for the skin, so that skin problems will be reduced in the future.

The set includes a basic care plan of bathing, skin changing care, and moisturizing, which will continuously build a protective barrier for the baby, and the baby's skin will become stronger in the future.


2 in 1 Bath/Shampoo Gel:
Use one to two pumps in the tub before bathing baby.
*It is recommended to use it with anti-allergic talcum powder and anti-allergic moisturizing cream after bathing, which can more effectively strengthen the baby's skin barrier.

Anti-allergy replacement skin cream:
Apply a thin layer of Anti-Sensitivity Changing Balm every time you change a diaper or after cleaning your bum. *It is recommended to use pure water cleansing lotion (BB water) to clean the dirt on the baby's buttocks, and then use anti-allergic skin care cream to strengthen moisturizing.

Anti-allergic moisturizing cream (face and whole body):
Apply thinly and evenly on the skin. *Suitable for daily use, use it within 5 minutes after bathing and cleaning for better results.

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