Belle Biolane Hypoallergenic Body Powder 100ml (Hong Kong Licensed Product)

Belle Biolane Hypoallergenic Body Powder 100ml (Hong Kong Licensed Product)

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Sweaty BBs should use talcum powder to absorb excess sweat, keep the skin fresh, and prevent heat rash or sweat rash, but avoid using powdered talcum powder. The powder it raises will enter the BB's trachea from the nostrils, affecting the health of the respiratory tract, and even Cause asthma, and talcum powder can avoid these problems caused by powder, and it is safer for BB.

  • The innovative liquid formula turns into a body powder immediately after touching the skin, preventing BB from inhaling the powder
  • Effectively prevent allergy symptoms caused by sweat friction, prevent and relieve prickly heat and sweat rash
  • The ingredients are extracted from natural plants, talc-free, safe and secure
  • The unique Hydra-bléïne® ingredient can strengthen the skin's sebum layer and form a protective film on skin cells, toning and caring at the same time
  • For use on delicate skin folds such as the neck, arms or legs

Wipe off BB's sweat first, squeeze out about 5 yuan in the palm of your hand, and apply it on the parts that are prone to allergies due to sweat accumulation, such as the neck, arms, and legs. When using it, pat it gently until the talcum powder dries. Translucent and become powdery.

*Suitable for use after bathing or daily cleaning, no need to wash after use. After each use, wipe off the top of the liquid body powder bottle to maintain hygiene.

Care Tips

After sweating outdoors, BB's whole body "stands up", can I use talcum powder?

If BB is outdoors and cannot take a shower, it is recommended to use skin cleanser to help BB clean the sweat on his body, and then apply talcum powder. In order to prevent BB from inhaling the raised talcum powder, you can choose a brand-new liquid talcum powder, which absorbs excess sweat from the skin, keeps BB's skin dry and prevents heat rash, and is more convenient and safe to use.

Should I apply anti-allergic talcum powder first, or moisturizer?

After BB rinses and wipes dry, apply moisturizing cream on BB's face and body to lock in the moisture and keep the skin moisturized. Then apply anti-allergic talcum powder on BB's sweaty parts, such as neck, arms or legs, to keep BB's skin dry. If the order is reversed, the talcum powder will block the skin from absorbing the moisturizing cream, and the BB skin will not get the most moisturizing care!

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