Kao Merries Diapers Medium Size M76

Kao Merries Diapers Medium Size M76

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Merries Diapers

The unique ultra-soft cotton-dot breathable surface layer and the wave cotton-dot design allow air circulation between the diaper and the skin and reduce the contact surface. Even after absorbing wet urine all night, the buttocks are still dry and comfortable!

In addition, the original "3-layer breathable design" allows the entire diaper to breathe from the inside to the outside and remove moisture, caring for the baby's skin!


Open the new diaper, erect the inner ruffle, and wrap the diaper snugly around the boy. Use soft Velcro waist stickers to make the left and right alignment stick well. Properly stretch the root of the waist sticker to fix it to a suitable position. Press the attached waist patch, and gently connect the covered part upwards to make the diaper fit better. Adjust the leak-proof edge of the diaper, being careful not to bend the hem inward.

The goods sold in this store are imported directly from Japan, and the outer packaging or labels of the products may be different from those of local goods. All are 100% authentic.

If allergic phenomenon occurs, please stop using it immediately. Please store it properly and place it in a clean environment after opening to prevent dust or mosquitoes from entering. Do not throw used diapers directly into the toilet to avoid clogging.

Storage <br>Do not place in direct sunlight or high temperature and high humidity environment.

Country of Origin <br>Japan

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