British ALFRESCO Herbal Mosquito Lotion 50ml (the most parallel product on the whole network)

British ALFRESCO Herbal Mosquito Lotion 50ml (the most parallel product on the whole network)

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• Classic formula, strong anti-mosquito and moisturizing at the same time💧
• Use natural herbal ingredients to kill mosquitoes, no chemical (DEET) DEET 🙅🏻‍♀
• Can be used with sun protection🌞
• Pregnant women, babies over 6 months can use it🤰🏻👶🏻
• People with eczema and sensitive skin can use✅
• Patients with G6PD deficiency can use ✅
• Anti-mosquito while moisturizing the skin, can be used every day✅
• Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center test report, in line with FDA regulations on mercury in cosmetics✅
• Comply with GB7916-87 hygienic standard for cosmetics✅
• BB fragrance, refreshing texture, will not stimulate children's sense of smell💯

British brand, recommended by the medical industry👍🏻
Alfresco ® British Herbal Mosquito Repellent, 100% Made in the UK. Alfresco contains 20 kinds of pure natural herbal extracts, does not contain DEET, has a refreshing and moisturizing texture, and has a BB fragrance, which is effective in preventing mosquito bites. Even for the tenderest baby skin, sensitive skin, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can use it with confidence.

Contains skin care essence with refreshing texture, safe to use every day💁🏻‍♀
Alfresco ® contains skin care essence, which can lock in moisture, moisturize and moisturize, and has a refreshing and moisturizing texture, keeping the skin firm and smooth all the time. It can be used as a daily skin care product. In addition, the smell is naturally aromatic and full of herbal fragrance, so you won't feel pungent discomfort after use.

Hollywood stars are fans 🤩

Alfresco® has been favored by Hollywood stars for many years. Celebrities include actresses Nicole Kidman , Jodie Foster , sportsmen Jude Law , Penelope Cruz and Nicole Cage , etc. When shooting locations, they must first apply Alfresco® products , let it play the effect of mosquito repellent and skin care at the same time, the mosquito repellent effect is remarkable, safe and reliable.

How to use❓
1. Shake the bottle evenly before use
2. Apply mosquito repellent body lotion to exposed parts of the body.
3. People with sensitive skin can first apply the anti-mosquito lotion on their hands for local testing.
4. Reapply every 3 to 4 hours for maximum efficacy.
5. Can be used together with Alfresco Herbal Mosquito Repellent Perfume for maximum effect.

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