Direct delivery from Korea! Cui-shaped Guardian Angel, Air Tec Air Purification Wall Picture

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【🇰🇷 Direct delivery from Korea! The guardian angel in the shape of 隠, Air Tec air purification hanging picture! 】

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Original price: $160/1 sheet

Special price: ¥140/1 sheet

Super bamboo shoot price: $240/2 sheets

🌈🏠 A picture-hanging air purifier specially designed for families, pregnant women, toddlers and children, suitable for living room and bedroom. Airwall is colorless and odorless, does not require batteries, and does not need to worry about noise disturbance. Experiments have proved that the hanging picture air purifier can more effectively decompose odor-causing bacteria in the air, as well as primary carcinogens such as formaldehyde. Definitely an invisible patron saint of air, taking care of your health without interruption!

Airtec Features:

⭐Just one piece of A4 paper can provide air purification function for an 80-foot space, and the validity period can be as long as 6 months.

⭐ Airtec South Korea's exclusive patented technology extracts substances from natural minerals that can effectively decompose bacteria, purify household air, and eliminate odors.

⭐Experiments have proved that it can effectively decompose bacteria that can cause odor in the air, as well as primary carcinogens such as formaldehyde.

⭐Airtec has cooperated with Disney to launch a variety of fashionable designs. Besides being clean, it can be used as decoration in every room of the home or in the office.


50cm(h) x 40cm(w)

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