Aptamil Milk Formula - Size 3

Aptamil Milk Formula - Size 3

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age​ Amount per feeding​ Feeding times per day
Boiled warm water (ml)​ Measuring spoons*
1-3 years old 210 7 2

*One level measuring spoon = 4 grams of milk powder.

This feeding chart is a suggestion only, your baby may have different needs.

1. The feeding amount is only prepared once at a time. It is safest to drink immediately after making milk. Please pour out the leftover milk.

2. The brewing utensils must be prepared according to the instructions, and only the measuring spoon in the jar can be used. Do not change the ratio of milk powder unless advised by your doctor.

Improper brewing ratio is not conducive to the baby's health. Do not let baby eat alone.

3. Do not use formula that is damaged or missing the aluminum foil or lid seal.

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