UK ALFRESCO Herbal Anti-mosquito Perfume Spray 50ml (The most parallel product on the whole network)

UK ALFRESCO Herbal Anti-mosquito Perfume Spray 50ml (The most parallel product on the whole network)

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• Use natural ingredients to kill mosquitoes, no chemical (DEET) DEET🙅🏻‍♀
More than 20 kinds of natural herbal essential oils, unique formula to exert super anti-mosquito effect🌱
Can be sprayed on BB cars, clothing surfaces or household surfaces to achieve long-lasting anti-mosquito effects💞
Pregnant women, people with sensitive skin, and G6PD patients can use it ✅ (Children are recommended to use Alfresco Mosquito Cream, the ingredients are milder)
Hong Kong Medical Association certified mosquito repellent product✅
Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center test report, in line with multiple international and local standards, confidence guarantee✅
Can be used with sunscreen and other skin care products✅

British brand, recommended by the medical industry👍🏻
Alfresco ® British Herbal Mosquito Repellent, 100% Made in the UK. Alfresco contains 20 kinds of pure natural herbal extracts, does not contain DEET, has a refreshing and moisturizing texture, and has a BB fragrance, which is effective in preventing mosquito bites. Even for the tenderest baby skin, sensitive skin, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can use it with confidence.

Delicate taste and a substitute for perfume👑
Alfresco ® herbal anti-mosquito perfume contains natural herbal essential oils, so the smell is natural and fragrant, full of herbal fragrance, and you will not feel pungent after use.

Hollywood stars are fans 🤩

Alfresco® has been favored by Hollywood stars for many years. Celebrities include actresses Nicole Kidman , Jodie Foster , sportsmen Jude Law , Penelope Cruz and Nicole Cage , etc. When shooting locations, they must first apply Alfresco® products , let it play the effect of mosquito repellent and skin care at the same time, the mosquito repellent effect is remarkable, safe and reliable.

How to use❓
1. Shake the bottle evenly before use
2. Spray the anti-mosquito perfume spray on the exposed parts of the body, clothes or BB car.
3. Respray every 4 to 6 hours.
4. It can also be used together with Alfresco® Anti-mosquito Lotion to exert a longer and stronger anti-mosquito effect.
5. People with sensitive skin can first apply the anti-mosquito lotion on their hands for a local test.

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