Enfinitas Milk Formula - Size 1

Enfinitas Milk Formula - Size 1

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Based on more than 100 years of pediatric nutrition research, Mead Johnson Enfinitas contains a unique "native nutritional combination", including DHA, Lactoferrin (lactoferrin), and a combination of prebiotics (PDX and GOS), β-glucan^, to support the brain Body development and immune development. Three cups of Enfinitas 4 per day can provide 75 mg of DHA, and combined with children's daily diet, it helps to meet the daily DHA intake recommended by experts. DHA is abundant in retinal and brain cells.

Enfinitas 4 contains 87mg of Lactoferrin per 100g of milk powder. Lactoferrin is an important immune nutrient secreted by lactation. On average, only 1 gram can be extracted per 10 kilograms of milk, which is very precious. With the combination of prebiotics (PDX and GOS) and other nutrients such as β-glucan, it can help support intestinal health and resistance.

^ only Enfinitas S3 and S4 with beta-glucan added

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