Illuma Milk Formula - Size 2

Illuma Milk Formula - Size 2

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product description
illuma has always firmly believed that babies have innate talents, and is committed to providing nutrition close to nature to help babies bloom their talents.
Scientists around the world deconstruct the mysteries of breast milk, restore the greater affinity contained in nature with new technologies, and continue to innovate nutrition technology with forward-looking beliefs, so that babies can grow in accordance with nature and release their innate talents.
The new "Upgraded Human Body™ Formula" is a revolutionary combination of "breast milk oligosaccharide HMO" and "sn-2 Palmitate", which is the only main ingredient specially added to mother's breast-feeding secretion .
It exists naturally in mother's lactation secretion, and its molecular structure is the same as that in mother's lactation secretion.

【Suitable age】
0 - 6 months apply



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