Jack N' Jill Australian Natural Organic Toothpaste

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Australia Jack N' Jill Organic Baby Toothpaste (50g)
(Expiry date: 2022)
Five flavor options:
A. Strawberry flavor
B. Blackcurrant flavor
C. Cranberry flavor
D. Banana flavor
E. Blueberry flavor

🌍The world's truly safe and swallowable baby toothpaste🌍

🎖A 70-year-old Australian children's toothpaste brand
🎖 Best-selling all over the world, mothers' first choice!

⭐Contains organic calendula extract: effectively prevents the growth of gums and dental plaque
⭐Natural xylitol: effectively prevent tooth decay and keep the mouth clean
⭐Natural organic fruit extract: natural taste
USDA Organic certification, up to food grade, safe to swallow
BPA Free , suitable for babies and children above 6 months
🚫 Does not contain artificial flavors and shell protein mucilage, reducing allergic reactions

🌿All Natural Ingredients🌿
🌽Made from cornstarch🌽
🚫BPA Free
🚫 Fluoride-free
🚫 No preservatives
🚫No chemical additives

🔖Does not contain any chemicals or harmful substances, safe to swallow

made in australia
👶Suitable for infants aged 6 months or above

Note: Please use up within 3 months after opening the product. Because it is a natural relationship, please keep the bottle cap dry and tightly closed, if there is any color change, do not use

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