Moony study pants double plus size boy PXXL26 pieces (standard size)

Moony study pants double plus size boy PXXL26 pieces (standard size)

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Unicharm is the most respected by Japanese mothers (absolutely environmentally friendly and humane).

Moony is a subsidiary of the famous Unicharm company. In Japan, it is a high-end brand. This series enjoys the reputation of "the king of diapers" among the four major brands of diapers in Japan!


1. The unique urine wetness display belt notifies the replacement time of diapers.

2. Specially set up a pocket to prevent the stool from spreading on the baby's butt.

3. New double soft, more breathable. The waist tape sticking area is also made of breathable cotton soft material, so the butt will not be stuffy.

4. Omni-directional super-absorbent body, double-layer super-absorbent, instant water-absorbing ultra-thin layer, faster absorption, dry surface and no rewetting.

5. Clever tearing arc Velcro, a Velcro that can be pasted repeatedly, easy to tear and stick.

6. New color pattern design, make your baby more cute to wear.

7. The three-dimensional leak-proof side, the specially designed soft leak-proof side effectively prevents side leakage.

8. Fitted cut, special U-shaped cut, naturally fits the baby's leg curve, even when the baby moves, it fits naturally.

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