Moony Diaper Large Size L54 Pieces (Standard Pack)

Moony Diaper Large Size L54 Pieces (Standard Pack)

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Gentle fit, leak-proof and safe! The arc fits the baby's round butt

  • Ultra-three-dimensional molding technology arc-shaped fit, matching the baby's round bones
  • The "stretch-stretch guard" fits the back to prevent back leakage
  • 'Soft Stretch Wrap' wraps gently around baby's thighs
  • Absorption twice as fast

Curved fit, not tight

  • Match the "C-shape" of the baby's skeleton!

Where do leaks occur most often?

  • 80% of the leakage of diapers is due to gaps! For babies who are sleeping, the two major sites of urine leakage are the back and thighs!

To prevent leakage of urine from the gap, the key lies in two guards!

  • Stretchable waistline : The point is that the waistline at the back can be fully stretched and stretched☆
  • Soft and stretchable leg circumference: It can also be elastically wrapped for active babies who are growing every day! Even if the baby's calf kicks around, it will be comfortable and not tight! The non-woven fabric itself can be elastically stretched and stretched without being constricted.

Moony feels very delicate and soft, because it needs to touch delicate babies.

The inside of the diaper is…

  • The inner layer that touches the skin is made of silky soft microfiber "air feel". More skin-friendly and comfortable.
  • The air-feeling soft material can absorb moisture such as urine and keep the surface dry.

The outside of the diaper...

  • You can feel it when you touch it♪ The secret of the soft touch is the intertwined grid shape♬
  • Moony diapers are as comfortable as a mother's arms...Both the baby and the mother are in a good mood♬

Instant absorbing layer, leak-proof and more at ease!


Moony is compared with the material of ordinary diapers!

Moony surface absorption experiment video 60 seconds

Features of Moony Diapers

Moony diapers not only have the functions that ordinary diapers should have, but also :

  • Absorbs urine well: Absorbs baby's urine for 12 hours*.
  • Anti-sultry, refreshing: Even babies with high body temperature and sweating a lot : small butts can keep dry and refreshing♪
  • The replacement time is clear at a glance: after the baby pees, the urine color turns green and you know it's time to change the diapers.
  • Soft waist patch, not hurting the skin: material that is gentle on baby's skin & flat lace design that won't hook fingers.

※The baby's urine volume varies from person to person. Diapers are used according to the amount of absorption, not according to time.

Cute pattern design, a total of seven kinds! (2 types included in 1 bag)

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