Moony Natural Natural Organic Cotton Diapers Newborn NB63 Tablets (Standard Pack)

Moony Natural Natural Organic Cotton Diapers Newborn NB63 Tablets (Standard Pack)

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Natural moony ( waist tape baby diapers)

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The first in Japan! ※The Natural moony series with organic cotton on the surface has been greatly improved !

  • Organic cotton is added to the surface of the diaper, which is soft to the touch and cares for the baby's sensitive skin.
  • The "additive-free (#) & weakly acidic" diaper surface gently wraps the baby's delicate skin.
  • The soft stool absorption area with concave-convex structure can firmly lock the soft stool, reduce the irritation caused by soft stool, avoid red buttocks, and care for your baby's skin with peace of mind.

※Compared with the surface layer of major baby diaper products in Japan. 2016 Unicharm Survey

#The oil used is free of petroleum extracts and pure plant extracts.

The beginning of Japan! ※The surface layer of diapers with organic cotton added

  • Additive-free & weakly acidic diaper surface, reducing irritation and caring for baby's skin.
  • Compared with the old product, the fluffiness has increased by 20%!
  • The surface layer of the diaper is added with organic cotton, which is as comfortable as the touch of mother's hand! Soft skin touch, protect baby's delicate skin.

※Compared with the surface layer of other diapers of our company, Unicharm survey in March 2016

Additive-free* & weakly acidic diaper surface

  • If urine and poo are in contact with the skin for a long time, the baby's skin will become more alkaline and become sensitive to external stimuli. Additive-free ※ & the same weakly acidic diaper surface as the skin, bringing gentle care to the baby's skin.
  • The surface layer of adult skin has a slightly acidic pH value, which plays a protective role. The baby's skin is close to neutral, and it is easier to have skin problems. If you use weakly acidic products, you can help resist the irritation caused by urine and stool.

※The oil used is free of petroleum extracts and pure plant extracts.

New improvement! Just flip up the jumpsuit!

  • Quick confirmation of urination with 3 wetness indicators without unbuttoning.

New improvement! Mix 3 types of vegetable oils!

  • A blend of 3 vegetable oils* added to fabrics that come into contact with your baby's sensitive skin

*Olive oil, jojoba oil, rice oil

Soft stool absorption area※

  • It can be firmly locked to prevent the soft stool from spreading

※L size is not equipped

Of course, the breathability that mothers care about is also excellent

  • Natural Moony has good air permeability, and the baby's butt is dry and happy♪

Features of Natural Moony Diapers

Moony diapers not only have the functions that ordinary diapers should have, but also :

  • "Structure that fits various positions": Lift the diaper and it fits automatically.
  • Soft touch , gentle wrapping: Realized the improvement of the softness of the outer touch part of the diaper
  • The navel protection hole protects the fragile navel! : The navel part has a curved navel protection hole, so it will not touch the fragile navel when wearing diapers.
  • Soft waist patch, not hurting the skin: material that is gentle on baby's skin & flat lace design that won't hook fingers.
  • prevent stuffy Fully dry and breathable: fully breathable and refreshing layer, even babies with high body temperature and easy to sweat, the butt is also dry♪

Plant pattern design (6 models in total)

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