Moony Natural Natural Organic Cotton Nappies Small Size S60 Pieces (Standard Pack)

Moony Natural Natural Organic Cotton Nappies Small Size S60 Pieces (Standard Pack)

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Japan Moony Diapers

Double softer and more breathable. Even the waist tape sticking area is made of breathable cotton soft material, every inch of the baby's skin can breathe happily. All-round super-absorbent body: double-layer super-absorbent, locks urine wetness, helps keep baby's skin dry and comfortable, and is not afraid of more urine output. Ultra-thin layer of instant water absorption, faster absorption, dry surface and no rewetting.

Clever tearing arc Velcro: Velcro that can be pasted repeatedly, easy to tear and stick. Helps reduce diaper loosening so baby can move more comfortably. The arc shape will not scratch the baby's delicate skin.

Three-dimensional leak-proof sides: The specially designed soft leak-proof sides can effectively prevent side leakage.

Special setting pocket: prevent the poo from spreading on the baby's buttocks.

Fitting cut: The special U-shaped cut naturally fits the curve of the baby's legs, even when the baby moves, it fits so naturally. No matter how excited you are to play, it can also make your baby feel comfortable.

Unique urine wetness display band: Notify the exchange time of diapers.

The goods sold in this store are imported directly from Japan, and the outer packaging or labels of the products may be different from those of local goods . All are 100% authentic.

If allergic phenomenon occurs, please stop using it immediately. Please store it properly and place it in a clean environment after opening to prevent dust or mosquitoes from entering. Do not throw used diapers directly into the toilet to avoid clogging.

storage method
Do not place in direct sunlight or high temperature and high humidity environment.

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