[Original box discount $350] Pampers Ichiban Diapers Pampers paper diapers large size L52 - Tape

[Original box discount $350] Pampers Ichiban Diapers Pampers paper diapers large size L52 - Tape

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New Pampers Ichiban Diapers

[Japanese Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital N0.1] New technology! Unique isolation of loose stool surface absorbs and blocks loose stool

New Pampers Ichiban Diapers
The N0.1 choice of Japanese obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, recommended by Japanese mothers, protects the delicate skin of newborn BB

  • Breathable upgrade: 360-degree breathable inner and outer layers, two-way air circulation, allowing the skin to breathe freely
  • Soft upgrade: Japan's latest technology, light and soft material, skin-friendly like a mother's guardian, the air feeling you can touch
  • Absorption upgrade: 3D three-dimensional instant suction hole surface, quickly isolate loose stools
  • Fast absorption, instant absorption and dryness: evenly disperses urine wetness, and shows three channels after absorption. Prevent leak detection and stay away from red ass

Lightweight and breathable, Pampers cares for newborns/newborn babies, bringing a new sense of skin care

  • Suitable for both men and women BB.
  • 2 times elastic side waistline, skin-friendly elastic patch, fit BB body shape.
  • There is a wetness indicator on the diaper, and the yellow line turns blue to indicate wetness!
  • What is the average amount of newborn diapers? How often should diapers be changed? Here's a reminder for moms:
    • The amount of diapers a newborn uses in a day, at the beginning, an average of seven to eight diapers are used per day. Change it every 2-3 hours.
    • After a few weeks, your BB will probably only need five to six diapers a day. About every 4 hours
  • Remember that newborn BBs grow rapidly and the smallest size may only be suitable for the first few weeks.

The NO.1 choice of Japanese hospitals*, to protect BB's tender and tender skin: Japanese obstetric hospitals have selected it for ten years*, specially designed for the skin of newborn babies in Asia, and 80% of Japanese obstetric hospitals use the brand. *According to 2014, P&G conducted a survey on 2,373 Japanese hospitals with obstetrics, and the statistics show that the penetration rate of Pampers products has reached more than 80%.

New light and soft feather material, soft and caring for BB: new technology from Japan! Skin-friendly is like a mother guarding, with a sense of air that can be touched.

The new 360-degree all-round breathable inner and outer layers allow the skin to breathe freely: the inner and outer layers of Pampers Ichiban diapers have air holes for two-way air circulation. Lightweight and breathable, the flowing air will take away the moisture in the diaper, making BB feel more comfortable.

The inner surface of the 3D instant suction hole quickly isolates loose stools: breast milk newborn BB is easy to have loose stools, the 3D structure and 2000 three-dimensional honeycomb instant suction holes can effectively isolate loose stools and quickly absorb urine

Fast absorption, instant absorption and dryness: evenly disperses urine wetness, and shows three channels after absorption. Prevent leak detection, stay away from red ass

Japanese hand-painted design: cute animal pattern

2 times elastic side waist, skin-friendly elastic tape: 2 times elastic side waist, skin-friendly elastic tape, gently fit BB body shape

Brand new Pampers Ichiban paper diapers imported from Japan to protect BB's delicate skin: imported from Japan, with unique skin-friendly design, caring for BB's first-time skin

    How to choose Pampers series diapers?

    Product Size VS Baby Weight


    nascent NB

    Small size S

    Medium size M

    large size L


    plus size XXL

    Pampers Ichiban Diapers




    9-14 kg

    +12 kg

    Newly upgraded ultra-thin and dry



    9-14 kg

    +12 kg


    Pampers premium cotton pull-up pants

    6-10 kg

    9-14 kg



    Which brand of newborn diapers is easy to use? Can you recommend good newborn diapers?

    Brand new Pampers Ichiban diapers, Hong Kong and Japan simultaneous hot sale, imported from Japan. Super breathable and soft diapers, dry and breathable, highly recommended by Japanese moms.

    Mama Suzuki: There are many small holes in the inner and outer layers, which are thin and breathable. Best for summer~
    Kihara Kiko: The surface layer is really amazing, the baby's loose stools are quickly sucked away!
    AYUKI: It was very good when I was in the maternity hospital, and I have never changed it!

    Four key points for choosing newborn diapers:

    1. Excellent water absorption and water lock: High-quality paper diapers can quickly absorb urine and lock water firmly, ensuring that the moisture stays away from the baby's skin, helping to prevent skin irritation, rashes and abrasions.
    2. Softness and Elasticity: When BB is stretched, the waist, thighs, and sides will rub against each other, causing skin redness and itching. Use diapers with soft surfaces and elastic side waists to gently protect your baby's delicate skin and keep them snug and comfortable at all times.
    3. Urine wetness display: When the indicator line of the diaper changes from yellow to blue, it means it is time to change it.
    4. High air permeability: BB often sweats, and the sweat is not easy to evaporate on the skin surface, which stimulates the skin to grow rashes. Choose a waistline with high breathability and elastic material, so that the baby's butt is breathable and not stuffy.

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