Pigeon breast pads 126 pieces

Pigeon breast pads 126 pieces

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Product information

Brand: Pigeon

Product: Thin and Soft Breast Pads

Country of Origin: Japan

Product introduction: Strong water absorption, no rewet and keep dry.

Nursing part: Breast

Capacity: (126 pieces + 10 pieces) X 2

Shelf life: 1-3 years (after opening: about 6-12 months) See packaging for production number


-Absorbs breast milk without sticky feeling left: The new surface material improves the water-locking performance by 50%, keeping you dry and comfortable.

-5 non-slip adhesives to upgrade the fit and sense of security.

- Soft touch like cotton candy, gently cares for mommy's breasts.

-The three-dimensional cups of the anti-galactorrhea pad can maintain the shape without collapsing.

-Using polymer absorbent body, it has strong water absorption and no rewetting, and can completely absorb the remaining breast milk and keep it dry.

- Good fit Arc shape, thin and close-fitting, large non-slip back glue can fix the breast pads in the cup, more at ease when using.

- Delicate and comfortable skin-fitting surface is made of soft non-woven fabric material, which has high air permeability, soft texture, easy to absorb and discharge, so as to keep the skin dry and avoid sticking to the skin and causing discomfort.


(1) Take the breast pad as shown in Figure 1 and tear it apart along the dotted line on the left hand side.

(2) Tear off the upper and lower joints of the outer packaging.

(3) The single-piece breast pad can be taken out from the outer package.

(4) After taking out the single-piece breast pad in the above way, fold it back to the folded state.

(5) Take the breast pad, tear it along the dotted line on the left, and tear off the upper and lower joints of the outer package

(6) The other breast pad can be taken out.


1. Please replace the breast pad when breastfeeding. When the milk production is large, please replace it at any time.

2. If you have skin discomfort after use, please stop using it and consult a doctor

3. Do not throw breast pads into the toilet

4. Please keep this product out of the reach of infants and young children, and discard it immediately after use

5. Although the safety of the materials of this product has been confirmed, please be careful not to let your baby drink or eat by mistake

6. May smell raw material, but there is no problem in quality

7. Do not place this product in direct sunlight, high temperature, and humid places.

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