Pigeon Natural Peach Body BB Massage Oil 90ML

Pigeon Natural Peach Body BB Massage Oil 90ML

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★Peach leaf extract, moisturizing
★Excellent ductility, easy to push without stickiness
★Skin test passed

◆Commodity Features
- Contains peach leaf extract to moisturize and protect baby's skin.
-Plant-based moisturizing ingredients help prevent dry and chapped skin.
-Excellent extensibility, even on dry skin, it can be applied easily without stickiness.
-It can be used by babies and adults of all ages.
-Dermatologist-tested for skin irritation (but not all are allergy-free).

◆Product Specifications
-Capacity: 90ml
-Active ingredient: stearyl glycyrrhetinate
-Other ingredients: ethylhexyl palmitate, vegetable squalene, peach leaf extract, aloe extract-2 (derived from Aloe Vera)
- Applicable objects: infants and young children
- Shelf life: two years (see the actual packaging label for details)
- How to use: Take an appropriate amount and apply it on the skin, please close the bottle cap tightly after use.
-Origin: Japan

1. This product is cosmetic and has no medical effect.
2. Do not place this product within the reach of infants and young children.
3. Do not use if there are abnormal parts such as wounds and eczema on the skin.
4. If the baby oil accidentally gets into the eyes, please rinse it off with clean water as soon as possible.
5. Do not place this product in a place with high temperature, low temperature, humidity or direct sunlight.
6. During use, please pay attention to whether there is any abnormality on the skin. During use, if there are redness, swelling, itching, irritation, white spots or blackening of the skin after exposure to sunlight, please stop using it and consult a dermatologist. If you continue to use it, the situation will worsen.

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