Skin Vape Mosquito Repellent Spray No. 1 in Japan 🇯🇵

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feature of product:
-Spray design, just a light spray, can repel mosquitoes and ticks for a long time
-Combined with 10% insect repellent ingredients, each use can effectively and continuously repel mosquitoes for about 6-8 hours
- Mild water-soluble formula, infants and young children aged 6 months or above can be safely used
-Contains moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic acid, which can moisturize and penetrate the skin, and can be sprayed directly on the skin, which is not easy to cause irritation or damage
- Equipped with a safety lock to prevent children from turning on the spray by mistake
- Fragrant smell, no pungent smell unique to mosquito repellent
-200mL large capacity, suitable for daily use by the whole family

1. Shake the product up and down before use
2. Turn the white safety lock on the bottle to the OPEN position
3. About 10cm away from the skin, spray an appropriate amount of mosquito repellent water onto the exposed part of the skin and spread evenly
4. When applying on the neck and other parts (not on the face), you can spray the mosquito repellent water on the palm of your hand first, and then apply it with your hands
5. Turn the white safety lock on the bottle back to the original position to avoid spraying by mistake
6. One spray can effectively repel mosquitoes for about 6-8 hours
**Do not spray directly on the face! (You can spray it on the palm of your hand first, and then apply it with your hands)

Suggested dosage:
Not suitable for infants under 6 months
6 months - 2 years old: use once a day
3 years old - 12 years old: Use within 3 times a day

1. Please turn on the safety lock after use and keep it out of reach of children
2. Children under the age of 13 should use it under the supervision of an adult and use it according to the prescribed usage times
3. For infants or people with sensitive skin, spray a small amount on the inside of the upper arm and observe for 24 hours. If there is no abnormality, it can be used normally.
4. Do not spray around the wound and face.
5. When spraying on the hands of infants and young children, avoid them from licking their hands or rubbing their eyes with their hands
6. Please pay attention to the direction of the injection port when using
7. Do not block the injection port
8. Please put it in a cool and dry place, do not expose to sunlight for a long time
9. Keep away from ignition sources
10. This product is for external use only, not for internal use.
14. In case of getting into the eyes, do not rub the eyes, and rinse with water, if any discomfort, please seek medical advice as soon as possible
11. If you have any discomfort during or after use, please stop using it immediately. If the symptoms persist, please consult your pharmacist or doctor immediately

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